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September 2019 Post-LSAT Carnival


To celebrate the fact that we’ve made it through another LSAT, we’re throwing a party. And not just any kind of party — a carnival! Yes, a veritable carnival. But not the capital-C Caribbean cruise Carnival. Nor is it the wild party from Brazil “carny-vahl.” And it’s definitely not that menacing Italian character actor … that’s a Cannavale. It’s a post-LSAT carnival.

At this carnival, we’ve rounded up all the best online chatter about the September 2019 LSAT, all so you can reminiscence about that exam with your peers and future colleagues. We scoured LSAT-related forums and social media channels far and wide — sifting out all the people who were just trying to figure out whether some section they hated was the experimental section (seriously, that really is the main topic of conversation after an exam) — and are posting the best comments here for you to enjoy.

So make yourself at home, mingle anonymously with your fellow LSAT-takers, and take a look back on Saturday’s exam with your fellow future lawyers. We … uhh … apologize for any profanity along the way. It is a party, and sometimes parties get a little rowdy, after all.

OK, so let’s get things rolling … I mean, the September test was the first all-digital exam! That’s exciting! You all must have some thoughts on how that went. Pray tell …


BPPross-lsat-blog-keep the stylus

That’s it? Years of research and development and pilot testing and digital familiarization tools … and it just amounted to a free stylus? Surely you folks have some more comments about the testing experience …

BPPross-lsat-blog-LG transition


OK … you really just want to talk about the content of the test itself. I get it … I get it. I mean, I totally sympathize. I heard the Logic Games section was a nightmare. Especially that game about the flowe–

BPPross-lsat-blog-kick to the face_opt


BPPross-lsat-blog-trigger warning

Yeesh. Really that bad, huh? It’s almost as if that game undid the 3000 years of flowers’ built-up good will. What about the rest of the games though? They must have been a bit easier …



BPPross-lsat-blog-none of the games were basic_unfair

BPPross-lsat-blog-carried away by a bird of prey


BPPross-lsat-blog-Mike Tyson

For those counting at home … this Logic Games section has now been compared to battery, PTSD, bacterial disease, being attacked by a bird, getting dumped, and being punched by one of the hardest punchers of all time. Must have been bad.


Eww, is that what Beyoncé was talking about?


OK, we get it. Our sympathies. We’ll … what about the other sections? Like RC …

BPPross-lsat-blog-RC transition

OK, wow. This exam sounded rough. Like, really rough. At Blueprint, we’ve been through these kinds of tests many times before. There is a silver lining (and I’m not just talking about the silver lining on the Patrón Blanco bottles you’re all reaching for right now). When test takers have this kind of reaction, it usually means the test was super hard. And when tests are super hard, that means that the curve is going to be rather forgiving. The last exam I can recall getting *this* kind of response was the December 2017 exam. Looking back a bit further, you’d have to go all the way to the June 2014 and December 2013 exams. Check out how many more points you could miss and still earn a 170/165/160/155/150 on those exams ….

BPPross-lsat-blog-forgiving curves_opt

We can’t promise you a “-14” curve for a 170 like the December 2013 exam — a curve that generous has only appeared seven times since 2000 — but we can assure you that this curve will almost certainly on the forgiving end of the spectrum. Maybe something to consider before grabbing that fourth glass of wine and smashing the cancel button on your LSAC account?

OK, so tough exam, but did the digital format make it any easier? It seems like it went pretty well for a lot of you, without any (ahem) glare-ing problems ….



BPPross-lsat-blog-better than july

BPPross-lsat-blog-No problems_night mode

But it also seems like some of the rough patches we heard about back in July — like glare-affected screens, late start times, and low batteries — were not completely smoothed over.

BPPross-lsat-blog-long set-up

BPPross-lsat-blog-two hours to start

BPPross-lsat-blog-three hours to start

One-and-a-half hours? Two hours? Three hours??? I could see how this might drive someone into a homicidal rage.

BPPross-lsat-blog-Could punch someone

All right, let’s keep the whiskey away from that person. Also, good to know that even in its digital age, certain test centers can still mess up the old-fashioned way.


Can anyone interject a little positivity to this party? Maybe a few closing words?


Thank you, Terrell. And congrats to everyone who finished this exam, bless your flower-beaten souls.