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September 2018 Post-LSAT Carnival


As we do after every LSAT, we’re throwing a carnival! And not just any kind of carnival — the best kind! No, no, not the crazy lit Brazilian ones with the steroidal parades or Caribbean cruise ones or the ones with rigged games. And no, not that guy from the TV show … that’s a Cannavale. No, folks, we’re throwing a post-LSAT carnival! Yes, we’re throwing a party with all your post-LSAT pals.

We’ve gathered all the best online chatter about the September 2018 LSAT, so you can reminiscence about that exam with your peers and future colleagues. So we went through the top LSAT social media accounts and online forums — sifted through all the comments in which people were just trying to figure out whether part of the test they bombed was part of the experimental section (seriously, there are so many of these) — and gathered them here for you to enjoy.

So hang out here, mingle anonymously with your fellow LSAT takers, and look back on Saturday’s exam with your fellow pre-lawyers. If you’d like our thoughts on the test, check out our recap here.

All right, end of preamble! Let’s get to carnival-ing!

How did people feel finishing up with the LSAT? Let’s check in …








Yikes! Surely some of you felt good after this exam …


Well, that positivity didn’t last very long. Why did everyone think it was so tough? So apparently there was a passage on the Supreme Court case Shelley v. Kraemer that threw people for a loop …




And there was a Logical Reasoning question about kindness that was … um, not very kind ..



Oh and a question about office chairs and back pain that showed up late in many test takers’ exams, around the point at which their backs were aching from those cumbersome test center chairs. How apropos.




And a game about musicians really piqued some test takers’ anger.



I mean, it must have been a hard test, because some of y’all seem fried and aren’t even making sense.



So with a tough test, it must be the case that the “curve” will be pretty forgiving, right?


…uh, maybe not. Can someone please explain what that means to this person?


OK, this isn’t much of a party is it? Been kind of a downer — wait, is that food I smell?


Hopefully real Gs eat their lasagna in silence like … lasagna. All right, let’s make this a party — a real September party! — with some September bops.

Wait, shoot, do you hear that? Are those sirens? Uh oh. I think we were bumping the music too hard. This party’s about to be rolled by the police … the grammar police!


Man this carnival is not as popping as I’d hope it’d be. Someone out here has to be having a good time, right? What about you, Mackenzie? What’s good?


Ahh that’s way too extra, Mackenzie. Calm yourself, my mans. Someone out here must have the right idea. Anyone?


Yes, there it is. Congrats on finishing the September exam, everyone.

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