Savor the Final Weekend Before October LSAT Scores Are Out

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    Heads up, folks: 2013 October LSAT scores are officially scheduled to come out this Wednesday. But they are likely to come out as early as Monday, since the LSAC likes to release LSAT scores a few days before their deadline.

    This will be your last weekend of ignorant bliss or nervous anticipation. You will probably have a few LSAT-themed nightmares, and you might not be so pleasant to be around.
    So, if you’re looking to save your sanity or your personal relationships, it might be a good idea to spend this weekend doing something productive, like working on your law school personal statement.

    If you need some help getting started on your personal statement then, Anna Ivey, former dean of admissions at the University of Chicago Law School, has some great advice for you on how to approach law school personal statement questions. If you’re in the editing phase of your law school personal statement, then you should employ Matt Shinners’s caps lock thought experiment to figure out what you should keep and what you should cut in your law school personal statement. Finally, if you think you’re all set with your personal statement, make sure you get someone else to give it one last proof-reading for you.

    So, get busy being productive this weekend and the time will fly by. Next weekend you can party it up if you’re satisfied with your October LAST score. But, if you think you could score significantly better, then you should make arrangements to take the December LSAT, and fill the next weekend with LSAT prep.

    Getting your LSAT score is a huge milestone in your life, and no matter how you end up doing you should be proud of all the hard work you put in so far.

    Hope you all hit your ideal LSAT scores!

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