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    You’re surely busy getting your New Year’s Eve plans, outfit, and driving arrangements together. You’re surely preoccupied with the thought of finally moving on from this interminably long and horrible year and stepping into a brighter 2018. You have a lot on your mind.

    So if your 2018 plans involve taking the LSAT, here’s a final reminder about our End of Year Sale. Until the crack of dawn on New Year’s Day — January 1st at 9:00 am PST — we’re offering big discounts on our classroom courses, our online course, and our prep books.

    With the classroom course, you’ll learn the ins and out of each part of the LSAT with an instructor who’s scored above 170 on the LSAT and will lead a fun and enlightening class. We’ll hold in-person classes for each LSAT administration across the nation, so you have tons of options to choose from. Past students have averaged an industry-leading 11-point increase from their first to best practice exam in these courses, which would make 2018 a true leap year for you (we also promise our instructors’ jokes will be better than one). Until January 1st, we’re offering $200 off any classroom course if you use the promo code GOODBYE2017 when you enroll online.

    With the online course, you can learn the same material as the classroom course at your own pace. Through the magic of internet access, you’ll cover 16 lessons and 3 practice workshops through lesson videos led by Blueprint founders Matt and Trent. The videos are accessible any time through your online student account or our iOS app. Until Janurary 1st, you’ll get $100 off the first month to a online subscription if you use the promo code HELLO2018 when you enroll online.

    For our LSAT prep books, we’re offering a 40% discount over at Amazon. These two books — The Blueprint for LSAT Reading Comprehension and The Blueprint to LSAT Logic Games — will give you all the strategies you need to succeed on two of the most feared sections of the LSAT. Plus, both books come with access to a free Blueprint student account, which will allow you to access full explanations for every real LSAT game and passage included in the books. These books are available for the all-time low price of $39, only at Amazon.

    With New Year’s Eve’s ridiculous Uber surcharges ready to deplete your bank account, these savings will definitely come in handy. So don’t forget — all of these sales will be offered only until January 1st at 9:00 am PST.

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