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Saturday is Southwestern Law Day — RSVP for great info, prizes, and discounts!

Southern California buds: please, for a moment, put down your avocados, surfboards, and other components of your cowabunga lifestyle, and listen up. We have an important announcement to make.

This Saturday, November 11, is Southwestern Law Day. That’s a whole day at Southwestern Law School — located in the heart of Los Angeles, CA — dedicated to helping you get into law school and become a lawyer. From 1:30-6:00 pm, the good folks and alumni of Southwestern Law School will go over how to get into law school, how to succeed once there, and what the life of an attorney is all about.

There’ll be presentations throughout the day from Southwestern Law faculty and alumni, including Assistant D.A. Joseph Esposito discussing the death penalty, Professor Cristina Knolton discussing the art of mediation, and a panel of students discussing experiential learning in law school through externships. These presentations will provide you a ton of insight into how to succeed in law school and as an attorney.

But of course, before attending law school and becoming an attorney, you have to take the LSAT. To that end, a Blueprint instructor will be giving an overview of the infamous logic games section, showing you some tips that will help you approach that section with the confidence of a LA Dodger fan before Game 7 (too soon?).

And best of all, you’ll be given all kinds of free stuff just by attending. Southwestern will provide all attendees with complimentary parking and application fee waivers for Southwestern Law. They’ll also be raffling off a book scholarship — meaning they’ll cover the cost of your law school textbooks, which you’ll soon discover are some costly tomes indeed.

And Blueprint will be raffling off two tutoring gift certificates, each good for a 2-hour tutoring session with one of our many sagacious tutors. And best of all, Blueprint will also give all attendees $400 dollars off the cost of our live, in-person classroom course, which will help you you conquer the LSAT, become an attorney, and speak at one of these events a few years down the road. All you have to do to get all of this is RSVP here and attend this Saturday.

And once you get this great information and huge discount on the Blueprint classroom course, you’ll be in a celebratory mood. So what are you going to do? Well, did you know that Koreatown, the neighborhood in which Southwestern Law is located, has one of the highest concentrations of bars and restaurants of any neighborhood in the U.S? You’ll have no shortage of options at which to fête.

Steps outside the Southwestern Campus is the venerable institution OB Bear, a bar that has mastered Korean fried chicken — small chickens fried whole until the skin becomes crackly and fragile and delicious. Don’t miss their crisp scallion pancakes either, which pair uncommonly well with the pitchers of Hite lager that are all but compulsory at the OB Bear.

Or if you’re feeling more porcine than avian, you can try Ham Ji Park a few blocks over, which specialized in sticky pork ribs and a nourishing pork neck stew, which is so much better than it sounds.

Or if you want to get an experience of all you can eat barbeque bliss, try Oo-Kook, which boasts the best quality-to-price ratio of any AYCE KBBQ establishment in town. And the name of the restaurant, plus the fact that you’ll be cooking its multitudinous selection of meats yourself on a countertop grill, gives you the chance to say fun stuff like, “Oo, John, quit being such a Kook with the way you’re grilling that galbi” (I’m very delightful to share a meal with, by the way).

Or if you want to take that $400 you saved and apply it to dining with businessmen and K-Pop stars, Park’s BBQ is not to be missed. And if you want to extend the night into the wee hours with some karaoke or nightclub action, who are we to judge?

So it looks we have your Saturday planned. All you have to do is reserve your spot here, and a night of discounts, info, prizes, and festivities await.