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RSVP to the LSAT and Admissions Webinars Tomorrow!

  • by M Hope Echales
  • Mar 14, 2018
  • Admissions, Blueprint Products and Promotions, Law School, LSAT
  • Reviewed by: Matt Riley

If you’re like me, then you probably haven’t recovered from the beginning of daylight savings time. Since Sunday, I’ve been stumbling around my morning routine like a zombie, barely making it to my first cup of coffee.

Fortunately for those of you in my shambling boat, we here at Blueprint have good news. This week, we’re hosting two webinars — one at 12 pm PDT and one at 6 pm PDT. The first is an LSAT webinar and the second is an admissions webinar. RSVP here, or at the specific webinar links below.

LSAT Webinar: Thursday, March 15th, at 12 pm PDT

The LSAT webinar will be hosted by Ross Rinehart. Ross not only managed to score a 170 on the LSAT, but he also attended law school (I won’t dampen the impressiveness of that feat by mentioning that it was at USC — go Bruins!). Ross will walk you through what to expect from the LSAT and give you an introduction to the study process. It is a great (and free) opportunity to get advice from a seasoned teaching veteran.

Law School Admissions Webinar: Thursday, March 15th at 6 pm PDT

The admissions webinar will be hosted by Kyle Gerhmann, an attendee of the prestigious University of Chicago law school. Kyle will guide you through the admissions process, and give you a sense of the requisite materials for applying to school. As someone who has been through the process with great success, he is ideally situated to help you succeed. And again, this is all free.

Not only is attendance free, but you’ll also get $300 off a classroom course and $75 off the first month of an online course subscription if you sign up and attend one of the webinars. To sign up, you can go here, or click on the specific webinar link above.

With that, I’m off to get a cup of coffee and rue the fact that daylight savings time was ever invented.