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    Back to school season is in full swing, and next week, Blueprint is taking you to class. That’s right — we’re hosting two free webinars, so you’ll be able to learn more about the LSAT as a whole or the Logic Games section specifically, from the comfort of your own home! Or the library … or work … or your friendly neighborhood coffee shop … you get the idea. Pants are optional (unless you’re in one of the latter places).

    We’ll be sharing lots of juicy details about the LSAT and Logic Games, including strategies, tips, and tricks. We’ll also be sharing a sweet, sweet discount on Blueprint’s exceptional, highly-rated classes — for attending the webinars, you’ll get $300 off a live Blueprint classroom course or $75 off the first month of the online course.

    You can find more details on the webinars below, but the most important thing is to RSVP here or at the links below to let us know you’ll be there — when it comes time for the webinars, we’ll send you a link so you can access the goods.

    LSAT Webinar: Tuesday, August 7, at 11 am PT

    The LSAT is a beast of a test, and in this seminar, we’ll be covering all the things you need to know — what’s on the test, how it’s scored, and how to tackle some real LSAT questions. This webinar will be led by Ross Rinehart, a veteran Blueprint instructor and USC Law grad who also happens to be devilishly handsome.

    Logic Games Webinar: Tuesday, August 7, at 5 pm PT

    When it comes to the taking the LSAT, there are a lot of stress-inducing factors, but no section stresses people out more than Logic Games. In this webinar, we’ll save you some stress by giving you an overview of this intimidating section and covering some of the best ways to approach the different types of games. This webinar will be led by Kyle Gehrmann, a veteran Blueprint instructor and graduate of UChicago Law who will charm and amaze you.

    Space is limited in these webinars, so RSVP ASAP, and get ready to do some learnin’!

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