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Registration Deadline for the December 2010 LSAT

BPPcolin-lsat-blog-timeWe are now about one month shy of the December 2010 LSAT, and while I know this involves a lot of nervous clenching of cheeks for most of you, there’s one important thing you need to take care of in the next day besides trying to figure out how to diagram a contrapositive: sign up for the damn test.

November 9th is the registration deadline for the December 2010 LSAT. That means you have all of a day to sign up for the test at the regular price. Ideally, you would have already done this, because signing up now almost assures that you will be taking the LSAT 30+ miles away from your home. Regardless, though, you should sign up immediately.

Of course, there’s a late registration deadline, because LSAC understands that most of you are liberal arts majors, and thus perpetually tardy and unreliable. So if you want to wait and pay more, you have until November 19th (which, coincidentally, is my birthday, and the day Abraham Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address. The more you know). So sign up for the test in the next 38 hours, and then get back to studying. Immediately.