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Reading Comprehension – 3D Printing

“Three-dimensional printing is becoming an indispensable tool in the production of devices and systems in biomaterials and tissue engineering areas. It changed the face of the biomaterial’s world with the production of patient-specific devices that have the required shape and organization.

Stimuli-responsive materials, such as metals and polymers have been in use in the biomedical field, and the combination of material and responsiveness in a biomedical device creates 4D printing which introduces highly useful, viable, dynamic, and responsive systems in tissue engineering applications. As it is, 3D and 4D printing methods are still keeping researchers busy in their quest for producing novel biomaterials and biomedical devices. The current types of stimuli to which the materials are responsive to are quite well known but the list is, unfortunately, limited. So, the development of different materials with multi-sensitivities for use in the enhancement of the dynamic nature of devices is still a challenging issue.” Source:

The primary purpose of the passage is to

A. express frustration at the limitations of the knowledge regarding materials that respond to stimuli
B. identify differing approaches to developing stimuli-responsive materials
C. correct misinformation regarding three-dimensional printing in various areas of engineering
D. reconcile 3D and 4D printing methods
E. present information about the importance and efficacy of three-dimensional printing in various engineering areas


CORRECT ANSWER = (E) – The passage talks about the advantages and several uses of three-dimensional printing in different areas of engineering.

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