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Printable LSAT Valentines For Your Law School Sweetheart

There’s no doubt in my mind that most of us here at Blueprint, and most of you reading this blog, spend way too much of our collective brainpower on the LSAT. It dominates our waking hours, our conscious and our subconscious thoughts, and even our social interactions. Some might say its our most significant other.

Does that mean we love it? That depends on your definition of love. If love is something that finds you, then probably not — the LSAT doesn’t go out of its way looking for us. If love is a game that two can play and both win, then maybe — the LSAT may be curved, but certainly more than two people can do well on it. If love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs, well, honesty I have no idea what that one means — not one of Bill Shakespeare’s finest.

Even if you love a human being more than the LSAT (we don’t blame you), we want to help you show it this Valentine’s Day. So feel free to print out or e-mail any of our homemade LSAT Valentine’s, and prove that even in the haze of law school admissions, you still care.