Postponement Deadline for the December 2010 LSAT this Week

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    Postponement Deadline This Week

    As of right now, we’re actually less than four weeks away from the LSAT. On one hand this is exciting, because you’re getting awfully close to being done with this terrible test. On the other hand it’s kind of terrifying, because, you know, the LSAT is less than a month away.

    If you’re not scoring where you want to be right now, that’s totally OK. Most people don’t see the really big improvement until the heavy review phase. Once you start taking more practice tests and doing more work in a testing-like environment, you’ll see your score continue to rise.

    But maybe you feel like you really won’t be ready. If you’re entertaining these thoughts, then you may or may not already know that this coming weekend is the postponement deadline. If you want to push your test back to February, you need to do that by Sunday. Sunday is also the last day to change your testing center. And if you want to give up on the whole law school thing altogether, and just get a partial refund, you’ve got until Friday to do that.

    If you’re considering postponing, make sure you don’t rush into such a decision. As said earlier, it’s totally normal to not be at your target score right now. With lots of practice, you can see huge gains. You should really only be heavily considering test-day postponement if you’re really far from your target score and you don’t have much time to study.

    Because even if you do keep studying, but your score isn’t where you want it to be by December 11th, it’s not the worst thing ever. You could take an absence or cancellation and try again. A single absence or cancellation really doesn’t look that bad, all by itself. So since the consequences aren’t that great, you don’t have much to worry about by continuing to shoot for December.

    The testing center change deadline will be much more pertinent, though. If you’re really far from home right now, keep checking the LSAC website for opening centers. If you can get a site that’s closer and more convenient, that will mean less driving and less stress the morning of the test, which is more than worth the cost of paying the center-changing fee.

    If you’ve got any questions about postponing, head on over to our discussion board, and in the meantime, keep up the studying! Just four weeks!

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