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Postponement Deadline Approaching for the October LSAT


Hiya kids! We’re 27 days away from the LSAT. What does this mean for you? You’re 27 days away from being done with the LSAT! Like finding a roll of nickels in a drainage ditch, this is joyous news indeed. It’s soon, but it’s far, too. It’s as long as a February in an anti-leap year. You can improve a whole heckuva lot in these 27 days. At this point, you’re probably at or nearing the heavy review phase of your LSAT prep, and it’s during this period that many people see the most significant improvement. So where you’re scoring now isn’t necessarily anywhere close to where you’ll be scoring on test day.

Still, some of you are probably thinking of postponing the LSAT. And if you want to do that, you have to do it by:


That’s the online postponement date. If you want to do it with a letter or a fax, you have to do that by:


For most of you wanting to postpone, you probably shouldn’t. Our general rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t postpone your test unless you’re 15 points or more away from a score you’d be happy with. Really, you can improve a whole lot in the last few weeks. And, if it does turn out to be the case that you’re not ready by test day, you can just take an “absent”. As a general rule, law schools don’t really care if you’re absent once. You could have been sick, had a family emergency, fallen in a toilet, etc. The LSAC understands, and thus, a single absence means pretty much nothing. If you start to have multiple ones, that probably doesn’t look as good, but one isn’t a problem. Pretty much the only reason you should seriously consider postponing your test date to December is if (a) you’re really far from your target score, and (b) know that your studying time is going to be severely limited for the next 27 days.

SUNDAY is also an important day, because it’s your last chance to change your testing center. If you got some place in BFE, start logging on to LSAC’s website daily to find somewhere closer. As we approach the postponement deadline, more and more people will be pulling out, opening up slots for you. Expect many spots to open in the days leading up to the deadline (but these spots will also be snapped up quickly as well, because a lot of people will be having the same idea). You will have to pay a FEE.

SUNDAY is also International Talk Like a Pirate Day, so there’s that, too.