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Pick the Best Fictional Attorney in Blueprint’s Law Madness 2018

March Madness kicks off today, which means that if you’re anything like us, you’re flipping coins to figure out which upsets you might be able to magically predict and/or completing your bracket based on which mascots you like the best.

So maybe we don’t know a lot about college basketball, but there is at least one thing we do know a lot about, and that’s lawyers. Fictional lawyers, more specifically. Thus was born our inspiration to bring you the First Annual Blueprint Law Madness. Have you ever wondered how your favorite fictional lawyers would measure up against each other? Well, we have, and that’s what this bracket aims to find out.

We’ve split some of our favorite fictional lawyers into four divisions. The Lawful Good division includes some old faves like Atticus Finch (let’s collectively agree to pretend that Go Set a Watchman never happened), Josh Lyman of The West Wing fame, and everyone’s favorite Elle Woods (whom you may both love and hate for how easy she made getting into Harvard Law look). The Chaotic Good division, meanwhile, includes My Cousin Vinny‘s Vincent LaGuardia Gambini — who has a panache to which we can only aspire — and the infamous Harvey Specter from Suits.

And then there are the bad guys. The Lawful Evil division includes some lawyers you love to hate (or just plain love), like How to Get Away with Murder‘s Annalise Keating and Boston Legal‘s Denny Crane. And in the other corner, we have Chaotic Evil, which includes some lawyers with, uh, unconventional tactics — like Saul Goodman of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul fame (who is so good it’s criminal) and the inimitable Ally McBeal.

So take a look at the bracket below and let us know who you have going all the way. You can use any metric you like — who would be most likely to win a case, who has the best hair, who has the best one-liners, or who your favorites are. Who do you hold in contempt of court? Who’s in your final four? Do nice guys (and gals) truly finish last? Let us know in the polls!


Lawful Good Division

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[poll id=”187″]

[poll id=”188″]

Chaotic Good Division

[poll id=”189″]

[poll id=”190″]

[poll id=”191″]

[poll id=”192″]

Chaotic Evil Division

[poll id=”193″]

[poll id=”194″]

[poll id=”195″]

[poll id=”196″]

Lawful Evil Division

[poll id=”197″]

[poll id=”198″]

[poll id=”199″]

[poll id=”200″]

Check out Blueprint’s official picks …


And who do you have making the Final Four?

[poll id=”201″][poll id=”202″]
[poll id=”204″][poll id=”203″]

Finally, best of luck to Sam Seaborn (The West Wing), Diane Lockhart (The Good Wife), Tom Hagen (The Godfather), Alexandra Cabot (Law & Order: SVU), Claire Huxtable (The Cosby Show), Marshall Erikson (How I Met Your Mother), Jeff Winger (Community), Mitch McDeere (The Firm), Frank Galvin (The Verdict), Barry Zuckercorn (Arrested Development), Bob Loblaw (Arrested Development), Ted Buckland (Scrubs), the Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer (SNL), Harvey Birdman (Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law) and She-Hulk in the NIT tournament.

Did we miss anyone? Did any of our attorneys get put in the wrong division? Who got the toughest seed? Let us know in the comments!