Our End of Year Sale is just what you’ll need after the holidays

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    Friends, I’d hate to bah hum-bum you out right now, but the holidays can be rough. You have to spend your hard earned money and expend your overstressed mental bandwidth on buying gifts. You have to brave the locusts of late capitalism at malls. You have to strike up banal conversations with tertiary relatives at family gatherings. And, most of all, you have to deal with tiny children made monsters by presents and sugar, their minds still unencumbered by the knowledge that Santa is merely a lie we tell them to mitigate their worst impulses.

    And if you have to confront these things while preparing to take the LSAT? Oh brother. At Blueprint, we get that. And we want to lend you hand.

    So, once you make it through this holiday season, we’ll hook you up discounts on our classroom and online courses. Starting Monday, December 25th, we’re going to offer $200 off any of our amazing classroom courses and $100 off the first month of a subscription to our online course. When you sign up for a classroom course, just enter promo code GOODBYE2017 to get that $200 discounts. And when you sign up for the online course, just enter HELLO2018 for that $100 discount.

    And with either choice, we’ll help you with all your LSAT prep needs. With the classroom course, you’ll be guided through each section of the LSAT with one of our experienced, helpful, and sagacious instructors. You’ll be joining a course that averages an 11-point score increase for its students. You’ll be in good hands. With the online course, you’ll be taught the same material as the classroom course, but you’ll be learning at your own pace, through lesson videos taught by Blueprint founders Matt and Trent. You’ll have the option to study in the comfort of your own home, with the free wifi granted by a library or coffee shop, or, through the magic of our iOS app, while you drive to return unwanted holiday gifts (though this is not recommended by us).

    While we can’t make the holidays any easier, we can hopefully make this part of the law school admissions process go more smoothly. This sale will go from Monday, December 25th at 9:00 am PST until Monday, January 1st at 9:00 am PST.

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