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One Week Until The September LSAT

Well, folks, it’s officially one week until the LSAT. This is your last Saturday to study up, review, and hyperventilate.

You may be thinking that an impossible task lies before you. That there is no possible way you will successfully complete the evil brainchild of LSAC’s mysterious overlords.

I’m here to tell you that’s not true.

Thousands up thousands of people take the LSAT every year, many of them far less prepared than you. The very fact that you’re here – that you read this blog or you take one of our classes – puts you a step ahead of many of your ill-prepared peers. Remember that fact, as you’re silently reminding your lungs to breathe to avoid passing out from stress. You can and will defeat the LSAT.

As inspiration, please view the following photos of humans fighting inanimate objects.

This tower was looking at the guy askew. He had no choice.

The carnival game never saw it coming. Cause it can’t see.

This might look like a normal soccer game. But that ball was telling some pretty gnarly Yo Momma jokes.

Take THAT surface tension!

Now get out there, and get your Rocky on for one final week!