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On Food Day, We Ask: Should You Change Your LSAT Diet?

It seems like nearly everything has a “day” celebrating its existence now. I haven’t formally investigated, but I know there’s a Talk Like a Pirate Day, and I’m willing to bet there’s a Whiskey Day (but what day isn’t whiskey day?). As it so happens, today is Food Day, which presents us with an opportunity to discuss the types of foods that one should eat as part of an ideal pre-LSAT diet.

As I’ve noted in previous posts here on the LSAT blog, your LSAT prep is not the time to change your habits. You’ve got enough stress without adding the stress of making major life changes. In other words, if you regularly eat like crap right now, continue eating like crap until you’re done with the LSAT. If you eat super a balanced diet and exercise a lot right now, keep doing so.

There’s no sense in me telling you to eat lean protein and low-glycemic carbohydrates if doing so will make you feel terrible (even if they are great for you). I will however, say that you ought to make sure you’ve eaten something before taking the LSAT. Not too much to weigh you down and not so little that it doesn’t make a difference. If you have coffee every morning, you damn well better have some coffee, too. Your brain and body need fuel, especially when under the stress of the LSAT testing environment. The more routine you can make the entire experience, the better.

In short, keep doing what you’ve been doing, as long as that means you’re comfortable, and doing all your LSAT homework. And make sure you suspend any eating rules you have on Thanksgiving, because there’s no such thing as too much turkey.