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October vs. December LSAT

Deciding when to take the LSAT is more complicated than it looks at first. We definitely want students to take the June LSAT when possible. When that’s not possible, it’s very important to plan for the October LSAT. This is fresh in my mind because we’ve recently had several students call in planning to start studying in early summer for the December LSAT so they could “have more time to study.” This is a bad idea. Here’s why you should take the October LSAT when you have the chance.

  • Law schools roll their admissions. This means that the earlier you have your applications in, the better. That said, students that apply in mid-to-late November are definitely fine. This means that taking the October LSAT is probably ok. And, really, taking the December LSAT is probably not too late except that…
  • Retakes happen for all sorts of reasons. Students should plan to take the LSAT only once. Nevertheless, there’s certainly a  possibility that something will go wrong even for the most prepared students, such as illness or personal emergency. These events can’t be prepared for, btu they can be planned around. It’s critical to take an LSAT that leaves you the opportunity to retake of something doesn’t work out.
  • February is too late. Yes, schools will tell you that they’ll accept your applications up to a deadline in March or April. What they don’t tell you is that the vast majority of their seats have been filled by that time.

All that said, students who don’t start studying until August won’t have much of a choice. Again the December test is not a deal-breaker; you just hve to make darn sure to not come down with the flu that week.

One of the classic mistakes of LSAT-takers is to chose a test date, then let studies slip because you can technically take a later test. This is a terrible LSAT affliction that needs to be overcome. Pick an early test, take the test, once, get a great score, and apply to school.

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