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October 2019 Post-LSAT Carnival


We just celebrated a week of Halloween, but the party isn’t over. If you’ve been getting into the Halloween spirit after taking the October 2019 LSAT this Monday, you are invited to the best party of the week. So clear the gunk from your reddened eyes, wipe that melted chocolate off your mouth, rub that Joker make-up off your face, and get ready for our favorite kind of party — a carnival!

As is our tradition — and your right after enduring an LSAT — we are throwing a carnival just for you. Just … uh, don’t get the wrong impression. This isn’t a Carnival cruise ship — there are no under-supervised children or capital-D Dads making liberal use of the all you can eat policy at the buffet line here. Nor is this the Christian liturgical parade that Latin American countries have turned (Or is it turnt? We still saying that?) into the craziest block parties on the planet. Nor is this an animal whose energy and nutrients requirements are met primarily through the consumption of animal tissue — that would be a carnivore ya’ dinkus, but you’re forgiven for being confused, you’ve been partying for a week. Instead, we’re a post-LSAT carnival.

What’s a post-LSAT carnival, you ask, my bleary eyed friend? It’s a chance for you to mingle with all your fellow LSAT-takers, and reflect on the exam. We’ve sifted through all the message board and social media chatter about the October test and we’re bringing the best here, for you to enjoy. We even got some left-over-from-Halloween decorations for the festivities …


That’s right — to celebrate the fact that most-common logical fallacy is forever etched into your mind, we’ve also etched it into a pumpkin. We had a lot of free time to do this … we don’t have many friends. But anyway, you’re here now! So, make yourself at home, mingle anonymously with your LSAT brethren, and take a look back at the October test. Sorry for any profanity along the way … you know how carnivals sometimes bring that out in people.

So, let’s get this partying going with October jams ….

Wait, you’re not feeling some late-period Pet Shop Boys? What about some neo-soul from a gone-too-soon artist?

Nope? 80s art rock?

Dang, well I’m running out of October songs. Let’s chat then. OK, I’ll start … who here thinks they had the weirdest pre-test study habit?


Woah. Not even LSAC’s ignominious watermarked scratch paper would shake you on test day. Speaking of test day, does anyone want to share their test day rituals?


Whatever works for you, my friends. All right, so this is the third digital LSAT LSAC’s administered, so please tell me they’ve definitely worked out all the kinks and now it’s a smooth process–


Wow, three hour delays, unresponsive screens, and a stylus with no integrity. Geez. Reports suggest there were long test center delays or cancellations in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Eastern Illinois University, Hawaii, Houston, Liberty University, Los Angeles, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Philadelphia, Portland, San Francisco, Virginia, Walnut Creek, and Washington. Let’s hope things get a little better come November.

OK, now, I know we can’t get too specific about this test but, just between us pals, what’d you make of this test? Anything fun about it? Any weird LR topics?


What the heck? Does anyone have a photo of this crazy-sounding fish? I have to see that.

Wow, the test writers literally had a scour the deepest, darkest depths of the ocean to find that guy. Speaking of deep, dark places, how’d Reading Comp go?


Sheesh. Sounds brutal. The field of intellectual property law may very well have lost the future services of some very promising people today. At least the Logic Games section was comparatively easy right?


OK, well, if this exam is as hard as you say it is, you’ll probably be given a forgiving curve. And, wouldn’t you know — our in-house prognosticator just stumbled through the door, dressed like Johnny Carson doing the Carnac bit. Let’s ask him what he thinks about the curve of this test …

… OK, he mentions that this is a “nondisclosed” exam, so LSAC won’t be releasing the curve, a copy of the exam, or anything other than your score. And this has only emboldened him to make a prediction. He mentioned that this exam reportedly had a hard RC section, at least one pretty tough game, and the LR sections both had 26 questions (making this a bloated 102-question exam). Taking those into account, the prognosticator believes these are how many questions you can miss on this exam and still earn the following scores …

170: -12
165: -19
160: -27
155: -36
150: -45

… But it should be noted that our prognosticator is on just had his fourth cocktail and is now loudly insisting that we play “Monster Mash” — does he think it’s still Halloween?

Anyway, it seems like this party is taking a turn. We’d understand if you have to go. Thanks for coming and for sharing in the festivities. But before we go … who here had the best post-exam plans?


Yep, you win. Congrats on finishing the October exam, everyone. Here’s to happy news dropping November 20th.

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