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October 2011 LSAT Blog Carnival

So far on Most Strongly Supported, we’ve recapped the October 2011 LSAT, taken a look back at it the morning after, and discussed your options as far as cancelling your score or what to do next if you plan to keep your score. Well I hope you have your ticket voucher because up next is the October 2011 LSAT Blog Carnival.

This past weekend’s LSAT was a doozy for some students. There were the standard logic games and reading comprehension issues, of course, but there was also a large number of students who were thrown off by an experimental section in an unexpected spot. Other than that, it appears as though the exam was average in difficulty.

But don’t take our word for it. Let’s take a look around the blogosphere to see what students are saying about the October 2011 LSAT.

While waiting to take her exam, Emily took a look around the room. These were the future lawyers of America, but it might not be a good thing.

A blogger for Zen of 180 chronicles her LSAT weekend, from the partiers outside her apartment Friday night to her plans for the rest of the month.

Jenny has some words of advice for anyone taking the LSAT at Northwestern Law School next year and beyond.

And here’s a quick take over on Tumblr of a girl who scored a date on exam day.