Nothing Puts You in the Holiday Spirit Like LSAT Diagramming

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    Knowing how to identify and diagram conditional relationships is necessary for doing well on the LSAT (That is, If Do Well on LSAT -> Know how to Diagram); they are seen throughout Logical Reasoning. If you misrepresent one of these rules, it is quite literally game over.

    Learning to diagram properly may be difficult at first, and rightly so, as you’re essentially learning a new language, that of logic, but if you master this vital skill early in class you’ll have an excellent foundation for understanding future, more difficult concepts. Below are a number of harder conditional diagramming drills to help you learn this vitally important skill. Try and diagram every conditional relationship you encounter and infer any supported conclusions.

    1. This year Santa has been forced to make some changes. Because of the poor economy and the rising cost of fuel, now only children on his nice list will be given stockings filled with coal. Kids on his naughty list will now receive stockings stuffed solely with socks.

    2. Those who make the mistake of imbibing too much “holiday cheer” at their company’s holiday party usually find themselves without a job the next day, and certainly avoid asking your boss if they’d like to sit on your lap unless you’re bearded and in a bright red suit.

    3. Besides choir groups and drunks, only families with children should go caroling.

    4. No drink with Scotch counts as a holiday drink unless it includes a cinnamon stick. Nor should Egg Nog be served at holiday parties without plenty of Nog and fresh eggs, and certainly no holiday party is complete without an excellent Egg Nog. This party will eventually run out of Nog and always was without cinnamon sticks, but we did all drink delicious holiday drinks and only delicious holiday drinks.

    5. Breaking into peoples’ homes to eat their cookies and drink their milk is illegal in every country. And consistently asking children to sit on your lap will definitely get you arrested.

    6. Any drinking game that involves a dreidel should not be played until after the eighth day of Hanukkah. No Hanukkah is Happy without loads of Gelt. And you will invariably feel ill if you consume too many Latkes.

    7. Although no one who celebrates Hanukkah also celebrates Christmas, many of those who celebrate Kwanzaa do celebrate Christmas. Those who greet others with “Joyous Kwanzaa” always celebrate Kwanzaa, but those who wish others a “Merry Christmas” may or may not celebrate Christmas.


    1. If Coal -> Nice. If Naughty -> Socks

    2. If Drunk at Company Party –m–> Get Fired. If Not Bearded or Not in Bright Red Suit -> Don’t Ask Boss

    3. If Should go Caroling -> Choir Group or Drunks or Children

    4. If Scotch -> (Holiday Drink -> Cinnamon Stick). If Egg Nog Served -> Plenty Nog + Fresh Eggs. If Holiday Party Complete -> Egg Nog.  This Party: Not Cinnamon Sticks + Holiday Drinks. MBT: No one at the part is drinking Scotch

    5. If Break in + Eat -> Illegal. If Ask Kids -> Arrested

    6. If Drinking Game + Dreidel -> Not Play Before 8th Day. If Happy Hanukkah -> Loads of Gelt. If Too Many Latkes -> Feel Ill.


    7. If Celebrate Hanukkah -> Not Celebrate Christmas. If Celebrate Kwanzaa –s– Celebrate Christmas. If Greet with “Joyous Kwanzaa” -> Celebrate Kwanzaa. MBT: Some people who celebrate Kwanzaa don’t celebrate Hanukkah.

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