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Next Week: Ask an LSAT Prep Instructor Anything on Reddit

With the June LSAT behind us and the law school admissions season starting soon, we thought it would be helpful to answer any questions future law students might have.

What early steps should you take to be best prepared for October LSAT prep?

What should I do if my June LSAT score comes back and is shockingly low?

What do law schools look for in a personal statement?

How will lowering application numbers affect my law school admission chances?

What do you eat in law school?

Why does LSAC hate us so much?

You know, that kind’ve stuff.

So next Wednesday, June 19, Blueprint’s Boston LSAT Prep instructor Laura Santoski will host an Ask Me Anything on Reddit.

We’ll have more info as the Reddit AMA draws near, so for now start getting your LSAT or law school admissions questions ready. We’ll see you there next week!