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Mark Your Calendars: We’ll Be Hosting Two Free Webinars on August 30th


As summer begins to wane away, it is easy to get a little depressed about the upcoming months of winter toil ahead. But fear not! I have the perfect cure for any summer doldrums: two free webinars to help you prepare for the LSAT and understand the law school admissions process.

LSAT Webinar: 8/30, 12 pm-1 pm PDT

This webinar will cover the ins and outs of the LSAT. You’ll be introduced to the sections the test covers, the way it is scored, and the role it plays in the admission process. Additionally, you’ll get the chance to see some sample questions and answer walk-throughs.

Ross Rinehart will be leading this session. Not only did Ross score a 170 on the LSAT, but he also has numerous years of teaching experience under his belt. Moreover, he attended USC law and has broad insight all-things LSAT and admissions related.

Learn more about the LSAT webinar and RSVP right here!

Law School Admissions Webinar: 8/30: 6 pm-7 pm PDT

This workshop will help walk you through the application process. From acquiring letters of recommendation to understanding the way LSAC calculates your GPA, you’ll get substantive information and advice on how to best navigate your way to an offer of admission. The webinar will give you a sense of the best way to strengthen your application and then best timing for applying.

Leading you through this webinar will be Kyle Gehrmann. Kyle scored a 171 on the LSAT and has substantial teaching experience. Most importantly, he scored an offer of admission from, and attended, University of Chicago Law School. He’s ideally suited to help you understand law school admissions.

Learn more about the law school webinar and RSVP right here!

Basically, the takeaway here is that you have two opportunities to get valuable insight and information from experienced and articulate individuals, all without leaving the comfort of your bedroom or paying a dime. And this insight is invaluable, but all participants who attend will also receive $300 off a live Blueprint classroom course or $75 off the first month of an online course subscription. Be sure to register in advance to take advantage of these offerings!