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Make Your Worst Section Your Best Before the February LSAT

Today is January 9. The LSAT is on February 9. Unless you failed the third grade, you know that this means you have precisely one month until LSAT test day.

Ideally you’ve done a substantial amount of studying already, and your LSAT skills have been growing stronger by the day. But often people find that there’s one pesky section where things just aren’t clicking. Maybe you’re finding that you’re always missing a bunch of questions in Reading Comp, or you’re never able to finish Logical Reasoning, or perhaps you’re just not quite getting Logic Games. Well, whatever your weakest section may be, with practice you can turn it around this month and make it your strongest section by February LSAT test day.

Here’s how:

How to Turn Around Your Weakest LSAT Section I: Practice

On paper, this seems like a no-brainer. But when you keep being beaten back by an LSAT section every time you attack it, it’s easy to “save it for later,” which can quickly become “wholly neglect it. “ We all know it’s more fun and satisfying to do the LSAT questions that you’re good at, but you have to fight that urge. Whatever your weakest LSAT section is, make sure to start your study sessions with that. End with that section as well, for good measure. By bookending your LSAT prep with your least favorite section, you won’t be able to let procrastination get the better of you.

How to Turn Around Your Weakest LSAT Section II: Focus on Accuracy

One of the biggest reasons people’s improvement can stagnate on a particular LSAT section is that they add speed prematurely. If you rush through LSAT questions without taking the time to really understand them, you’ll hit a wall very quickly, and improvement will grind to a halt. You have to make sure you’re reading the LSAT questions thoroughly and answering them carefully. This may mean that you’re not finishing sections right away. That’s OK; as you practice more and more, you’ll naturally build speed. Also, if you’re taking a Blueprint LSAT Prep course, timing starts to become important around the end of the third book, but until then don’t think about it too much.

How to Turn Around Your Weakest LSAT Section III: Do Full Sections

Once you’re in the review phase, you’ll be taking plenty of LSAT practice tests, but it can be a good idea to do full sections just from your problem section, as well. It’s one thing to do a particularly hard Reading Comp passage or game, but it’s another to do it in the context of four different ones. People often find a certain LSAT section to be fairly manageable until they start taking LSAT practice tests, when suddenly everything falls apart. By doing many full sections, you’ll transfer the skills you learned from the lessons into where they’re actually found (on the LSAT, obviously). As you get used to doing questions in a random order, back-to-back, and with timing pressure, your already-learned skills will begin to flourish.

So keep up the work, because with lots of targeted LSAT practice, you can make great things happen in this last month.