LSAT Instructor: The Second Semester Blues

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    Yuko Sin is an instructor and blogger for Blueprint LSAT Prep. He started as a 1L at Columbia Law School in the fall, and is writing a series of law school-related posts about his experiences.

    J. Peterman: Bad news, people. Peggy is home sick.
    Elaine: Oh, please.
    J. Peterman: She’s stuffed up, achy, and suffering from intense malaise.
    Elaine: Oh, come on, we all have intense malaise. Right?

    Second semester of 1L is notoriously rough.


    You get your first semester’s grades. Back in November, a professor pointed out that none of us were used to being B students, but a fair chunk of us would become B students. The curve demands Bs, and a lot of ‘em. Even if you beat the curve, you’re bummed for your friends that didn’t, but deserved to.

    The little pleasant things are also gone. There’s no Welcome (Back) To Law School party in the plaza. There are plenty of firm events – lunches, happy hours, and so on – but these are far from the jovial and informal gatherings we had back during the first month of 1L. No, firm events are a reminder that you need to get a job, even though you’re still having panic-inducing dreams about last semester’s exams.

    Then regular life happens. You have a falling out with some friends. You try to think of something positive… You remind yourself that you live in a building with a garbage chute. Cool.


    People are wearing suits to class. They have real job interviews to go to. You don’t. You have to get dressed up for your mandatory practice interview.

    But finally. You get a real interview of your own. “So, why did you decide to go to law school?” “What kind of law do you want to practice?” You feel like Nixon under the studio lights. You bomb that interview. Hard. Not cool.


    Things are getting better. You’ve had several interviews. Some go really well. You learn to relax. You can now boldly articulate why you wanted to go to law school, and what you want to do when you graduate. The tailor has finally finished altering your suits. And. You. Look. Stunning.

    You rediscover that neighborhood bar that does two-for-one Tuesdays. You make new friends, and you get closer with old friends.

    You get a job offer. Woo! You remember your Contracts class, and you shout into the phone, “I ACCEPT,” before they get the chance to revoke.

    A couple of your friends get accepted to your law school! One of them has too much fun during Admitted Students Weekend, and you end up piggybacking her home from the bar. You drink a protein shake and decide you deserve to skip leg day that week.

    Spring break comes, and you catch up on reading and catch up with friends.

    You’re sipping on tea, watching Seinfeld, and scarfing down the Indian food your roommate’s mom dropped off. You feel pretty damn good. January feels like forever ago.

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