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LSAC Releasing 2013 December LSAT Scores Today

Good news if you were looking for a lenient curve on the most recent December LSAT.

LSAC is releasing 2013 December LSAT scores today (at least for those who didn’t have to take a postponed exam due to weather), and all the buzz is about the lenient curve. How lenient? Take a look for yourself:


Yep, that’s an LSAT curve of -14 for a 170, -29 for a 160, and -46 for a 150 — meaning you could have missed 14 questions for a 170, 29 for a 160 or 46 for a 150. Heck, you could have missed three questions and still received a perfect 180 LSAT score.

Now, as of 3:00 p.m. PST, there are still plenty of people who haven’t received a 2013 December LSAT score. It usually takes LSAC several hours throughout the day to release all the LSAT scores in random batches. Also, there is no word on whether test-takers who took a postponed exam due to inclement weather are also getting LSAT scores today (remember, they took different exams than everyone else).

Four days early and with a friendly curve, I doubt anyone’s complaining. But feel free to do just that in the comments. Are you happy with your 2013 December LSAT score? Why do you think the LSAT curve was so lenient? How are you feeling about your chances in law school admissions now?

And stay tuned to the LSAT blog in the coming days for a full breakdown of the 2013 December LSAT.