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Love, Liquor and Lockers: A Law School Discussion

As the October LSAT approaches, you’ve no doubt spent some of your dwindling spare time daydreaming about what law school is going to be like. How much reading do you actually have to do? Are all professors as mean as the guy in the The Paper Chase? Will you develop an uncontrollable addiction to caffeine?

In my experience, the answers are (respectively): “Lots,” “No” and “Probably.”

These questions are law school discussion standard. I’m here to relate some less-standard information. In this law school discussion, I’ll let you know just how law school life compares to life at your previous educational institutions:

Law School Discussion Topic #1: Lockers

Book-related matters are first up in our law school discussion. While your casebooks will probably outweigh those English major paperbacks you had as an undergrad by 10:1, you will now have somewhere to put them. As an added bonus, having a locker will encourage you to stay on campus and get your work done early so you don’t have to lug those hernias-waiting-to-happen back home. Score!

Law School Discussion Topic #2: The Dating Scene

Next up in our law school discussion: Making out. As an undergrad, you could make drunken mistakes be romantic in relative anonymity. In law school, you’re stuck with a smaller dating pool. You see the same people every day and rarely have time to hang out or date anyone besides them. You start holding hands in the hall with them. They get the wrong idea and assume you want something serious. They get mad at you (possibly in public). Everyone knows about it. Everyone talks about it. You = Juicy Gossip. Ta-da! Wait, maybe I should’ve put something less triumphant at the end of this paragraph. Hey look, problem solved.

Law School Discussion Topic #3: Cliques

Last in our law school discussion is the matter of those with whom you’re going to hang out. Just like in high school, cliques exist in law school. Are you a smoker? It’ll be easy to find friends because there are only so many places on a campus where you’re allowed to puff away. Like to play sports? Your intramural flag football team is also your new group of best pals. Library-bound study worm? You’ll have plenty of company in the cozy environs of side-by-side carrels. Enjoy adult beverages? The hard-partying folk who attend every week’s bar review will make fine companions. And for the record, every law school discussion can be enhanced with a few brews.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this lighthearted law school discussion as much as I have. Until next week, just be thankful you’re not Yvonne.