Love in the Time of LSAT

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    This is an awkward time of year for LSAT study, and this post is for those who love LSAT students. Romantically.

    It may be that Bae took the February LSAT, and he/she is having some turmoil over the fact that scores haven’t been released yet. Now is a difficult time, and you have to be extra careful with your date plans and gift. So, here are some suggestions for the February LSAT survivor of you heart.

    Get your boo something to get his or her mind off of things like:

    Tandem shot glasses.
    A perverted lawn gnome.
    A massive faux fur comforter for bouncy time.

    Do NOT get your boo things that remind him or her of the LSAT. A mix tape of fav study tunes comes to mind. No mix tapes. Wait, it’s like a Spotify playlist now or something, right?

    The other type of LSAT student you might be dealing with is one who’s preparing for the June exam, which is both far off enough to be viewed as a demoralizing slog and yet close enough to engender anxiety.

    To that end, get studmuffin/pookie cakes something that will help to focus the mind on the task ahead and reinforce confidence such as:

    A bed desk.
    A direwolf coffee mug.
    A super hipstery leather-bound book laptop case.

    For the June student, it is indeed acceptable to make a playlist or mixtape or personalized phonograph tablet or whatever it is the kids do nowadays. But remember these types of exercises are fraught with danger. Was the third song playing the night you got really drunk and called her by your ex-gf’s name? Is song numero cinco one that could be interpreted as a breakup ballad? Overall, do you really know schmoopy’s song tastes? This could be exhibit A that you two are incompatible.

    Finally, you may be dating someone who both took the February exam and is studying for June. Avoid this person at all costs, unless you don’t really need all your appendages anyway.

    Lots of love!

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