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Logical Reasonings

A) What is the value of a law degree?  Things to consider before going to law school.  California Bar Journal.

B) Miss the Oscar fashions?  From a preggers Portman to the lace overlaid chestal region of Mila Kunis, here they are.  Also, was it just us or did James Franco seem really high?  Youtube.

C) Charlie Sheen reveals intent to sue CBS in the same interview that he boasts of taking seven-gram rocks. Not sure a wrongful termination suit is the best way to go on this one.  The New York Times.

D) We thought breast milk ice cream was gross, but stallion semen milkshakes blows that idea out of the water: disgusting, creamy, stay away from it, water. AOL News.

E) Offensive, or just true?  Cardozo Law School Health and Fitness Club encourages female law students to stay in shape.  Above the Law.