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Blueprint LSAT Prep is expanding to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Blueprint arrives in Philadelphia

This spring, Blueprint bring its LSAT love to Philadelphia, PA  home to the liberty bell, NFL teams that place second in the superbowl (it was a close game), and the world’s best sandwich, the cheesesteak.

The Blueprint Philadelphia LSAT class will be located in Houston Hall on the University of Pennsylvania campus, which makes it an easy commute for Upenn, Temple University, and Drexel students as well as denizens of the greater Philadelphia area.

The class will be taught by Blueprint LSAT instructor Matt Shinners, who did his undergraduate work at Boston College before receiving a JD from Harvard Law School.  You heard correctly.  Harvard.  Matt also is a law school application consultant for Blueprint which means he can help you raise your LSAT score, then help you craft your best personal statement.  Bonus.

Blueprint’s LSAT course is the cheapest of the major test prep companies at $1199, has the most hours of live instruction of the major companies at 100 hours, and pays its instructors more than the major prep companies at $60/hr.  (You can check out the full comparison here).  This ensures that the class is cheap, long, and manned by professionals – a good thing for LSAT, as in life.

Because the Blueprint classes in Philadelpha for the June and October LSAT classes are the first Blueprint LSAT classes in the area, Matt will provide a huge amount of personal attention to every single LSAT student in the class. Scores will rise, friendships will occur, and cheesesteak outings may come to pass.

Check out Blueprint’s Philadelphia LSAT prep course schedules if you’re interested in our Philadelphia LSAT class.