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Logical Reasonings

A) Unless you applied for early decision, there’s no harm in hanging around on those law school admissions waitlists. Anna Ivey.

B) In the early 1960s, 43 percent of the House of Representatives were law school grads. Today, it’s only 24 percent. What’s going on? US News.

C) Here’s a list of unbelievable statistics about the American economy, including the fact that Netflix accounts for roughly one-third of the internet’s bandwidth. The Motley Fool.

D) Looks like we’ve found the answer to “Why are we here?”: Peanut butter and jelly-flavored vodka. Foodiggity.

E) Out of these 21 hilarious how-to books, I have to believe only one was ever in contention for a Pulitzer Prize: How to Date White Women: A Practical Guide for Asian Men. Huffington Post.