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Logical Reasonings

A) What awaits law schools in 2012? (Please let it be robot professors. Please let it be robot professors. Please let it be robot professors…) National Law Journal.

B) A Connecticut mayor is in hot water after saying he’d help Latinos in his community by eating tacos. Note the photo that’s running with the story, which features the mayor posing in front of his most recent Racist of the Year awards. CNN.

C) Oh, your clever Canadian law firms and your slave puns. Above the Law.

D) If you’re still getting emails from Groupon, stay tuned. You might be find a great deal on a defense attorney. Wall Street Journal.

E) Bored? Take 95,000 pieces of chewed Nicorette gum and make a ball out of it. If you don’t have that much time, just read about this guy who did. Gizmodo.

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