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Logical Reasonings

A. Cyber Monday is a thing everywhere else on the internet, and it’s a thing here, too. Through the end of today, you can save $350 on our classroom course (just use the promo code CYBER350 when checking out), or save $250 on our Live Course (CYBER250), or save $200 on our online course (CYBER200). Not only would you be foolish to pass this deal up, but taking advantage of it will actually make you smarter. Sign up before the deal expires! Blueprint LSAT

B. It may be tough for some of us to get back to work, or class, or the LSAT-study grind after a four-day weekend. RBG, as usual, is making us all look bad by getting back to work after breaking three ribs. Associated Press

C. Attending lower-ranked law schools is much like consuming food from an eatery with a low health rating — you might save a little up front, but you’ll probably end up paying for it in the long run. Here are the red flags to look for to avoid the law school equivalent of gas station sushi. U.S. News & World Report

D. Speaking of food, is it cool to grub in law school classes? The National Jurist chews that question over. National Jurist

E. Above the Law published their annual “Running AFowl” awards, granting dubious honors to those in the legal community who did the dumbest stuff in 2018. Above the Law