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Logical Reasonings

A. It’s officially cuffing season. Both for lonely winter singles and for law schools. Michigan State University College of Law will officially merge with Michigan State University (yeah, they used to be unaffiliated … it’s complicated). ABA Journal

B. Tips on how to ask someone in your alumni network for a job, without being all thirsty about it. Above the Law

C. Speaking of jobs, here’s a rosy take on the future of “J.D.-advantage” jobs. Above the Law

D. Apparently Amazon is selling facial recognition software to law enforcement, giving new meaning to the term “prime suspect.” The Verge

E. An interesting wrinkle in this week’s midterm elections: a lame duck Texas judge released a bunch of juvenile defendants that appeared in front him on Wednesday morning — well, only the ones who promised to the judge that they wouldn’t murder anyone. Houston Chronicle