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Logical Reasonings

A. Spivey Consulting is the plug for what law schools’ median GPA and LSAT scores are shaping up to be this application cycle. @SpiveyConsult

B. Yikes, after multiple grading screw ups, students at John Marshall Law School are still waiting on their crim law grades from last spring semester. Above the Law

C. LSAC CEO Kellye Testy recently suggested that legal education should try to be more like medical education (but without all the annoying science stuff). @Jess_Miers

D. Today in They Don’t Teach You This in Your Professional Ethics Class: You can’t call a judge’s ruling “La La Land on steroids” or “so bizzaro land that it is hard to type.” That “vituperative criticism,” in the words of the court, will get you suspended. ABA Journal

E. One day, AI may be able to do grunt work junior associates at Big Law firms are paid to do. But today, it’s still a ways off. Writer Keaton Patti forced a bot to watch 1,000 hours of lawyer commercials, and then asked the bot to come up with its own script. This is a must read. @KeatonPatti