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Logical Reasonings

A. The academic year has barely even started at law school, and we already have our first professor controversy. Above the Law

B. The ABA Journal honored “Legal Rebels” who are innovating within the profession. They also made each honoree awkwardly pose with a red construction helmet — to symbolize how they’re building a new legal industry — which is worth the price of admission alone. ABA Journal

C. Most lawyers, however, are fairly risk-adverse … as evidenced by the fact that Angelina Jolie allegedly couldn’t find a single divorce attorney in Los Angeles willing to take on her very public divorce case. The Blast

D. The 11th Circuit just ruled that sharing food with the homeless is expressive conduct protected by the First Amendment. The Sun Sentinel

E. The hashtag #BadStockPhotosOfMyJob has shined a light on what stock photo creators think of lawyers. Apparently, they think they’re pedantic Slytherins who wrap evidence in Saran wrap. @Samanticka