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Logical Reasonings

A) You know about the breastfeeding moms who were denied special treatment on the LSAT, and you know about the young man with a learning disability and ADD who was granted special treatment. Now read about what it all means (and get ready to laugh). Above the Law.

B) Attention, everyone. Senator Barbara Boxer has a few things to say to the American Bar Association. National Law Journal.

C) Think you’ve been a part of a large graduating class? Try 3,050.

D) Here’s one for ya: A Houston woman is suing because she was arrested and forced to listen to Rush Limbaugh in the patrol car. In the cop’s defense, the woman had jaywalked, littered and admitted to being a member of the liberal media.

E) Here’s a question for Yahoo! Answers: Why would a guy go on Yahoo! Answers to ask about his verbally abusive wife? Yahoo! Answers.