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Logical Reasonings

A. Apparently, people still love the LSAT. Take that GRE. Kaplan

B. A dispatch from the desk of our sister news round-up, the Logical Rosen-ings: Josh Rosen, rookie quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals and vocal critic of the NCAA’s student athlete system, teamed up with a partner of Weinberg Gonser LLP and a USC law student to propose a model that would allow NCAA athletes to be paid for their labor. Yahoo Sports

C. Tiffany Trump, the world’s most prominent law student and the least prominent Trump, may not be returning to Georgetown for her second year, if her social media is to be trusted. Washington Post

D. A former employee of the ABA made out like A Bandit, Allegedly — taking $1.3 million from the organization. Law360

E. The struggling law school, Thomas Jefferson Law is soliciting funds over on AmazonSmile. Above the Law