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Logical Reasonings

A. Our Spring into Summer Sale is going strong, and will continue to go strong all through the weekend. Get $300 off any Blueprint classroom course with promo code GET300, or get $50 off the first month of an online course subscription with promo code GET50. Blueprint LSAT

B. We will also be holding free webinars on the LSAT and the law school admissions process on Tuesday, June 12. Those will set up you up very nicely to start studying for the test and apply to law school. Oh, and we’ll be giving out even more discounts on Blueprint’s classroom and online course to all attendees. RSVP to the right. Blueprint LSAT

C. LSAC just launched its free LSAT study resource, Khan academy. Reviews for the Beta version were mixed, but you can Khan check it out and come to your own Khanclusions. Khan Academy

D. LSAC also just announced how many people are currently signed up for the brand-new July exam, and it’s not that many! However, between July and June this year, overall registration is up from June last year. @Official_LSAT

E. Today in They Don’t Teach You This in Your Professional Ethics Class: If you’re a judge, and a dry cleaners loses your pants, you can’t sue the dry cleaners for $54 million. Above the Law