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Logical Reasonings

A. We just announced two free webinars that we’ll be hosting on Tuesday, June 12. The first will be at noon Pacific, and will cover the law school admissions process. The second will be held at 6 pm Pacific, and will cover the LSAT in all of its infamy. Attend either, and you’ll get a discount code good for $300 off our classroom course and $75 off the first month of an online subscription. RSVP right here: Blueprint LSAT

B. Troubled San Diego law school Thomas Jefferson School of Law is expensive, unlikely to help its students pass the bar or secure jobs, and on probation with the ABA … but hey, at least it has a shiny new campus! Above the Law

C. SCOTUS gave good news to men going through a mid-life crises with something to hide: cops need a warrant to search a motorcycle parked on a driveway. ABA Journal

D. In a lawsuit, Charter Communications will allege that a Columbia law professor conspired with private companies like Google and the NY attorney general’s office to investigate and indict the cable giant. Finally, a cable vs. cabal showdown. The Hollywood Reporter

E. A former English teacher from Georgia returned a letter from Trump filled with many grammar corrections. Nobody show her his Twitter feed … CNN