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Logical Reasonings

A. June LSAT takers: today’s the deadline to upload your photo for the test day admission ticket. Make sure to follow these guidelines and get your photo up before dusk. LSAC

B. In its pursuit of being a more ~chill~ organization, LSAC recently launched the beta version of Khan Academy, its free LSAT prep service. Here are the mixed reviews from experts; but don’t take their (or our) word, you should check it out when it goes live on June 1.

C. Yet another underperforming law school — this time, it’s Arizona Summit — is suing the ABA with the argument that the association wrongfully damaged the law school’s reputation by calling out its academic and admissions standards. Above the Law

D. I suppose this is one way to argue that a crime constitutes a federal crime. ABA Journal

E. Trump and Kim continue their will-they-won’t-they, Jim and Pam dance. Get a room, you two (and then denuclearize once in that room). Politico