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Logical Reasonings

A. Don’t forget … we have two webinars next Wednesday where we’ll be dishing out great info on the LSAT and law school admissions and giving you discounts on our classroom and online courses. $300 off our classroom courses and $75 off the first month of a subscription to our online course, in fact. Just RSVP to either at the link to the right. Blueprint LSAT

B. National Jurist asks if law schools are preparing students for the day-to-day reality of a legal career. Its dispiriting answer: not really. National Jurist

C. You’re on your path to law school, but maybe some people you know are already graduating? And you need to reluctantly buy those overachievers a gift? Here’s some help. Above the Law

D. Today in They Don’t Teach You This in Your Professional Ethics Class: Try to be a little discreet when your shell company accepts money from a business linked to Russia, especially if your client is trying to argue that he didn’t have any contact with Russia. NY Times

E. And finally, Today in False Equivalences: the judge who handed down the controversial six-month sentence to convicted sexual assaulter and former Stanford simmer Brock Turner compared that decision to the decision in Brown vs. Board of Education. You know, the one that desegregated public schools. BuzzFeed