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Logical Reasonings

A. If you’re interested in blazing a new trail as one of the first people to take the July LSAT, remember, explorers need an experienced guide. Let us be that guide. We’re hosting a quick, 30-minute webinar wenext Wednesday, April 25, and we’ll go over everything you need to know about the July exam. Plus, we’ll give out discount codes good for $300 off Blueprint’s live, classroom course. RSVP at the link! Blueprint LSAT

B. Kendrick’s Pulitzer got the lion’s share of the attention, but Yale Law professor James Forman, Jr. also won a Pulitzer for his book on mass incarceration. Which should really help bring some much-needed prestige to that struggling law school. Yale News

C. The student loan correspondent over on Above the Law discusses the extra-pressing need for first-generation law students to educate themselves on taking out students loans to attend law school. Above the Law

D. Justice Sotomayor won’t let a sort-of-minór shoulder injury keep her from the bench. Washington Post

E. The stories may run out after 24 hours on Instagram, but the statute of limitations does not. Three Canadian women pled guilty to importing over 200 pounds of cocaine into Sydney, after documenting their exotic drug smuggling lifestyle on the ‘gram. BBC