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Logical Reasonings

A. Don’t forget about our LSAT and law school admissions webinars next Wednesday, January 31st! Finish January strong with a ton of info on the LSAT, law school admissions, and with a $300 discount on Blueprint’s classroom course and a $75 discount on the first month of an online course subscription just by RSVPing! Blueprint LSAT

B. Bad news for Big Law types’ prospects — Big Law firms saw an overall reduction in the number of all-important summer associate positions in 2017.

C. NY Times is reporting that Trump ordered the firing of Robert Mueller, but backed off when his lawyer threatened to quit in response. Everyone has his limit, apparently. NY Times

D. Speaking of Trump, the NAACP is suing the Trump Administration for removing Temporary Protected Status from Haitian immigrants. The NAACP’s argument? Trump’s “shithole” comments made the decision racially motivated and unconstitutional. Politico

E. Today in They Don’t Teach You This in Your Professional Responsibility Class: You can’t burglarize a law firm that fired you and use a former colleague’s credit card to buy sex toys. ABA Journal