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Logical Reasonings

A. The data whiz over at TaxProf Blog crunched the numbers and found that the attrition rate at law schools with low LSAT scores is through the proverbial roof. TaxProf Blog

B. Maybe one reason for that is the declining perceived value of a law degree. I wouldn’t know. This Gallup study on that topic is super long. Gallup

C. Georgetown 1L Tiffany Trump is already off to a bad start for her second semester, having spent the first week of classes posing as a “sexy flower girl” at some Manhattan socialite’s Vegas elopement. Above the Law

D. Desmond Ricks, a Detroit man wrongly convicted of murder spent 25 year behind bars before being exonerated, just won $1 million from the city. Associated Press

E. Here’s the full, annotated transcript of Arizona senator Jeff Flake’s speech criticizing Trump’s attacks on the press. Luckily for the press, Flake will do the brave thing and battle Trump throughout Trump’s presidency oh wait no that’s right Flake’s retiring next year. Washington Post