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Logical Reasonings

A. Head’s up … next week we’re having our Tutoring Sale! Starting Monday at 9 am PST, you can get 20% off any tutoring purchase! Learn more here! Blueprint LSAT

B. Law schools are freaking out about a proposed House bill that caps graduate school borrowing well below the annual cost of law school tuition. Above the Law

C. They don’t teach you this in your Professional Ethics class in law school: A Brooklyn prosecutor was disbarred for forging wiretap orders on her ex.

D. Speaking on questionable legal decisions, the NY Times reports that Trump gave the White House’s top attorney to stop Sessions from recusing himself from the Russia investigation. NY Times

E. Unfortunate news for law-abiding Juggalos — the 6th Circuit dismissed the Juggalos suit against the FBI’s designation of ISP fans as a “gang.” Above the Law