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Logical Reasonings

A. News for February LSAT takers: LSAC is removing the late registration period (where they give you an extra week to sign up for the LSAT, but make you pay an extra $100 for that privilege). Instead, there’s just one regular old registration deadline, which for the Feb test is January 4. @Official_LSAT

B. There’s a new morning radio show on SiriusXM where two Stanford Law profs, Krazy Karlan and the Bank Man (Pamela Karlan and Joseph Bankman) will dish out their legal hot takes. The Recorder

C. If you’re in the market to take over a law school, Florida Coastal School of Law just put its building on the rental market. The crazy thing is … the Florida Coastal School of Law is still in operation. This doesn’t bode well for its students … Above the Law

D. Here’s a piece on how fancy tech start-ups, not law firms, are attracting Millennial law grads. Corporate Counsel

E. On the other end of the legal spectrum, here’s a Detroit attorney who is sleeping in a makeshift shack while raising funds for a non-profit to help Detroit’s poor community. ABA Journal