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Logical Reasonings

A. Even the dean of the UCLA School of Law, one of the handful of California law schools that doesn’t have an abysmal bar passage rate, called the California Supreme Court’s decision to not lower the cut score for the California state bar exam “deeply disappoint[ing].” Above the Law

B. Over on the U.S. Supreme Court, apparently Justice Elena Kagan and new guy Neil Gorsuch really hate each other. Too bad they signed up for the one job you’re expected to do for the rest of your life. Slate

C. More trouble for SCOTUS: A recent study says the court desperately needs fact checkers. NY Times

D. Although it won’t bring solace to the perhaps hundreds of women Harvey Weinstein harassed and assaulted, the LAPD might provide some justice. Vanity Fair

E. Finally, there’s a conspiracy on the internet that the White House is trotting out a fake Melania Trump. This weekend, let’s all imagine we have doppelg√§ngers out on the town while we study for the LSAT. Vox