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Logical Reasonings

A. After yesterday’s news that Charlotte Law School–a failing for-profit institution that has shown a Rasputinian ability to evade death–would finally be closing, the North Carolina attorney general made it official. Washington Post

B. Meet the 18 year old try-hard who will be attending George Washington University this fall as a 1L (OK, sorry, that was the age and bitterness speaking–props to this kid). Above the Law

C. It’s been a tough year for Berkeley Law, which already fell out of the top ten in the USNWR rankings for the first time since 2005, and now will have to find $2 million to trim from its budget. ABA Journal

D. In other news, twice sympathizing with Nazis twice may be what it takes to lose the support of the GOP … USA Today

E. … and the business community. Washington Post