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Logical Reasonings

A. A day of Dos and Don’ts. First, LSAC offers some Dos and Don’ts for the photo upload requirement. Do: Look straight into the camera and be very handsome, serious, professionally attired. Don’t: Wear stuff that makes you look like a molly dealer at a third-rate rave. @Official_LSAT

B. Do: Clarify your boss’s statements in a way that makes him seem less unhinged and hell-bent on starting the nuclear apocalypse. Don’t: Further goad a rogue nation into using recently-developed nuclear missiles. NY Times

C. Do: Read up on some major law school “Don’ts” so you don’t make the same mistakes so many new law students do. ABA Journal

D. Do: Law schools need law review anymore? Maybe they don’t. Above the Law

E. Don’t: Encourage children to purchase firearms as part of their back to school shopping. KPRC Houston