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Logical Reasonings

A. If you want to learn all about the LSAT and the law school admissions process, we can think of no better source then experienced professionals. We can think of no better setting to receive this information than the comfort of your own home. And we can think of no better reward than sweet, sweet discounts. So why don’t you register for one (or both!) of the two webinars we’re hosting on Tuesday, June 27. From 11-noon PT, great information on the law school admissions process will be piped straight to your computer, tablet, or phone courtesy. And from 5-6 pm PT, you’ll get a helpful rundown on the LSAT delivered straight to you. And if you register and attend either event, you’ll get a $300 discount off our live course or a $75 discount on the first month of an online course subscription. RSVP now, because space is limited! Blueprint LSAT

B. The Supreme Court today decided to extend trademarks to potentially subversive or offensive names. The plaintiff in this case was a Portland band, but this case is likely to help the most famous and profitable offensively-named company of them all In & Out BJ’s Pizzeria Dick’s Sporting Goods Jiffy Lube the Washington Redskins. LA Times

C. A busy day for SCOTUS, clearly, as the high court has decided to hear a Wisconsin case challenging state representatives’ use of political gerrymandering. Washington Post

D. Elsewhere in legal news, special counsel Robert Mueller just hired former federal prosecutor Andrew Weissmann to join his investigative team. The new guy is especially skilled in “flipping” witnesses. Reuters

E. This weekend, a mistrial was declared in the Cosby criminal case, which Cosby counted as enough of a win to let out the Fat Albert catchphrase … But Cosby still faces a retrial and a number of civil cases against women, so may may may-be don’t celebrate too soon, Bill.